FAQ - frequently asked questions

Yes, if necessary.

Yes, we play some disco polo hits but we are not experts at this kind of music. All requests will be fulfilled by our DJ for sure.

The band plays until 1:00 am, the DJ plays from 1:00 am to 5:00 am.

Yes, we can play without DJ but no longer than 1:00 am and the price is the same.

Yes, we can consider it on an individual basis during the party (extra charge).

Transportation cost is included in services price.

Normally we don’t need accommodation in Lesser Poland Voivodeship except some specific situations (i.e. when we play shows in places that are far from each other). We need accommodation (during the party) when we hire a driver, and also accommodation is required for us before the repeat-party, no matter of location. We always inform our clients about our requirements before signing a contract.

During the ceremony we are very busy setting up our equipment to perform at the highest level, for this reason we play only at the wedding hall. But there is a number of professional musical groups on the market providing both blessing and wedding ceremony music, if necessary.

We don’t have any special requirements. Electricity, a space for work and rest during the breaks, meals and accommodation (if it’s specified in the contract) – that’s all we need.

Standard lineup (musicians): keyboards, saxophone, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, and vocals – lead female vocal and male vocals. We can expand to a brass section: trumpet and trombone in addition.

Yes, we can connect an additional monitor if the room is close enough to the stage. There’s no option to connect an additional lighting system.

We use our own equipment. It works out for events up to 200 people, and it’s totally for free. For larger events we can use an additional PA/lighting system offered by the organizers or we can rent an additional equipment (extra charge).

Yes, it is possible to provide mechanically produced music – soft songs in the background or dance music. Playlist can be pre-prepared by a client (pendrive).

Yes, in addition to playing music band members can act as emcees, both in Polish and English, if necessary.

We’re trying to interact with our audience involving all participants in our performances – we announce all the songs we play, inform what’s happening at the moment, and also engage people inviting them to join in dancing and singing. On special request we also provide wedding attractions and competitions. We don’t have a professional emcee par excellence in our band, but we can establish cooperation with a proper person if it’s needed (extra charge).

Yes, if necessary (you can decide during the reception as well). You can find the list of competitions on our website. All games are polite and appropriate to the occasion.

We can provide various wedding attractions and competitions, but we don’t arrange karaoke because we don’t have a proper equipment. Besides, we try really hard to make our performance to be the most important attraction at your wedding.

You can prepare and send to us previously a list of songs from our repertoire you want to hear/not to hear, but it can’t be limiting too much.

We don’t demand any charge for musical dedications. We can accept remuneration for our effort, if the guests want to pay us, but we don’t put a price on it.

Nigdy nie żądamy wynagrodzenia finansowego za dedykacje. Jeśli osoba, która składa dedykację wyrazi chęć zapłaty za nią zespołowi, to wtedy nie odmówimy dodatkowej gratyfikacji za poświęcony czas, jednak nigdy nie wyznaczamy przy tym konkretnej kwoty za wykonanie utworu. Nie ma możliwości późniejszego odliczania tych kwot od wynagrodzenia zespołu, które zostało ustalone w zawartej umowie (nie gramy na tzw. ‚ugrane’).

Standard lineup consists of five members and DJ. We can expand to brass section – lineup consisted of seven or eight musicians, and DJ as well.

There’s a formal dress-code, appropriate to the occasion.

When you pay a deposit you are confirming the contract (reservation is for free). You can pay the deposit in person when you sign a contract in person, or you can transfer the money to our bank account when you singn a contract electronically (scan).

You have two options of signing a contract. First, you can do it in person (in Cracow). Second, we can sign a contract electronically (scan).

Naturally, we can set up a meeting, if you desire. We can meet in Cracow at a convenient day and venue. All the ways of communication are good for us – mail, call, or meeting.

Please make a reservation to have priority. You can make the reservation for one week and it’s totally for free. After one week it’s automatically canceled if the booking is not confirmed.

Yes, you can decide within one month from the date of signing this agreement – it is individually marked in the contract.

You can hear us performing live at the events we play – at a convenient day and venue.

All of our videos (except ‘Polski Wintydż Show) were recorded live (no corrections or repeats). So it can be an accurate representation of our sound and musical skills. Whereas the protection of the privacy of our clients we don’t publish any video materials recorded at their events.

It is required to pay ZAiKS (Polish Society of Authors and Composers) license fee for playing Polish music in public. According to regulations the payment responsibility lies with the event organiser, not the band.

In accordance with the agreement we need a changing room, in terms of convenience for our band. We prefer a private room close to the stage, where we could get change and safely leave our personal belongings as well. We don’t need a five stars luxury room – we are sure it would be possible to find a satisfactory solution for both sides.

Yes, we can do a two-day party.

Yes, it is possible but we have to be informed before the contract is signed, not after.

Our band plays only with DJ. Any other options can be considered on an individual basis.

We offer a musical setting as a band + DJ only. DJ doesn’t play individually.

We’re trying to be a reliable and trustworthy firm. For that reason we can’t give you a 100% guarantee of original lineup upon signing the agreement. Considering the random circumstances we can’t put all names in the contract. But we can assure you that we will make every effort to be with you – both your trust and satisfaction is the basis for a well known and reliable brand we’re trying to build.

We have only one singer who loves to change her hair color, so that is why you can see her with pink, green, silver, black, orange, violet, blue or blond hair (but not red yet 🙂 ).